Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Kid Interview Series #12 - Lisa Greer is interviewed by her daughter!

Today on the series, I am welcoming my fellow Musa Publishing author (we call ourselves Musalings!) and her daughter, Gracie.  I have always loved that name.  Lisa is the Gothic and romance author of breathtaking stories I could never hope to write.  Sometimes I think I write YA and horror because I never have to do the "everlasting kiss" thing.  But make no mistake, this is something where Lisa excels.  Those in the know have told me her stories are "swoon-worthy"!  That sounds good.  Please enjoy this off-the-grid interview for a romance writer!


Gracie Greer,  age 9, is interviewed by her mom , the author Lisa Greer

Q.     Can you name all your Mom’s books? 
      Gracie:  She Walks on the Shore, Moonlight on the Palms, Magnolian, Shadow beneath Evil,     Blood on Snowflakes

Q.     Which is your favorite and why? 
      Gracie:  I haven't read them yet, but I like the covers.

Q.     When does your Mom write?  Where in the house?  Describe her writing area. 
       Gracie:  She writes near the backyard door, near my computer and dad's computer.  She writes a little bit in the morning and afternoon and a lot at night.

Q.     What are you doing when Mom is writing? 
       Gracie:  Playing outside, watching TV, reading, playing a game with dad, playing with the cat, talking to her by her computer, or in bed

Q.      If Mom got rich and famous, what would you want her to do with the money? 
       Gracie:  Buy a bigger house with an upstairs, give some of it to people who need things.

Q.      Do you read your Mom’s books? 
       Gracie:  No, not yet. I like science and R.L. Stine stories better.

Q.      Do you think you do better in school because Mom is a writer? 
       Gracie:  No, because I'm better at math than reading.

Q.      Do your friends know what your Mom writes?  Do you tell them? 
       Gracie:  Sometimes, when their moms want to buy a book and I deliver it at school.

Q.      Do you want to be a writer when you grow up?  If not, what do you want to be? 
      Gracie:  No, a scientist. I gave up on art.

Q.   If you could dedicate a book to your Mom, what would you say? 
      Gracie:  What? I wouldn't dedicate a book to you. Then: I would just put your name...and a big heart. That's all I'd put.
    Please connect with Lisa!
    And Lisa, please tell Gracie, do I have a middle grade horror story for you!  Ask your mom about The Detention Demon, also by Musa Publishing!  (i loved the R.L. Stine comment!)

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  1. "Gave up on art" --- that's priceless.
    And I love her answer about helping out the poor.
    Terrific interview.

  2. Thanks, Jeff. It really captures her personality. ;) ~Lisa

  3. I love the way she'd write her dedication - your name, and a big heart. What else would you need? Great interview.

  4. I liked the comment: No, because I'm better at math than at reading. Good for you, Gracie! We desperately need more female scientists. Note: I love the name Gracie, too.That's the name of one of my nieces. Great interview!