Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Year...New Changes. Or How is a House Like Writing?

We have to move.  I didn't anticipate this happening at all, but you know the old saying....Just when you least expect it, BAM!  No way can my life just chug along happily, seamlessly, DRAMA-FREE.  That wouldn't be my life at all.  It makes for an, um, exciting existence.  That's what I keep telling myself.

But being raised by an eternally-optimistic and forward-looking mother causes me to think of reasons why this is a good thing.  I'm still thinking, and haven't had much luck yet, but that's beside the point.  At least I am thinking.  And looking.

We go out with the agent at the end of every business day and have the unique pleasure of tramping through people's lives.  They are pleasant enough, since, ultimately, we have the same goal in mind, but it's still really weird.  We saw a home yesterday where the resident hung all her bras on the back of the bathroom door.  I mean, there was like a hundred of them.  Every color of the rainbow.  Right there in my 9-year old's face.  Still another one we saw had baby gates in EVERY ENTRANCE to climb over.  And another was using the garage as a closet.  Seriously.  There were wardrobe racks everywhere and bins stuffed with shoes.  And one bedroom was so cluttered and stuffed with enormous, oversize furniture I found it hard to think and had to leave immediately.  Never even saw the bathroom.

Then, it was as if the seas of inadequacy and mediocrity parted and I found myself standing in the driveway of my dream home.  I knew I wanted it before I even walked inside.  And I was right.  The home is made for us.  So, we have completed the necessary paperwork to move in and now we wait.  Why?  Because that is how my life is.  I have to YEARN for, and PINE for, and COVET the damn thing or somehow the world will stop revolving.  God forbid something should just fall in place for me.  We have to wait for the owner to return from overseas.  AArrrgghh!  But, and here is my Mum's voice again, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.  And to make it all suck more, I haven't been able to write.

But quite suddenly, in the middle of this madness, I realized something profound:  writing is not easy.  Just like house-hunting.  Because if it was, everyone WOULD be doing it.  It's hard work.  And it requires a lot of patience.  And an agent.  ANOTHER thing I don't have in my writing life.  I don't have an abundance of patience at the moment, so that must be why Musina has taken a powder for the time being.  I'm sure I'll get back on track, just checking off the next thing on the list and getting my ducks in order.  I'll write soon, because I always conquer whatever is trying to get me down.  And you know what?  I'll do it in my LOVELY NEW HOUSE!

P.S. Prayers, lit candles and spiritual mantras will be happily accepted.

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  1. Good luck with the move, Samantha. I hope you settle in and your muse is inspired by the new house.
    It's always a terribly interesting experience looking at other peoples houses. :-)