Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wanna Know Some Secrets About Me? I Tell ALL!

I was the guest blogger today on the Musa Publishing Blog, under the Ten Things blog.  I chose to do something fun since I spend so much time on the business of writing, I thought you might want to know something about me that has nothing to do with my books.  Get to know me here: or just read about it here.

Author Samantha Combs,
Author of Spellbound, Everspell, Ghostly, Teeth and Talons, and The Detention Demon confesses all!

Check out the Top Ten Things I Never Leave the House Without:

1.       Pink lipstick, Cover Girl #415 and a compact, since I was sixteen, actually
2.       Shoes that make me feel like a rock star (I can do ANYTHING with the right shoes!)
3.       Bookmarks for any of my books (Spellbound, at the moment)
4.       Gum (only spearmint, never, never, ever cinnamon)
5.       Dangly earrings that jingle in my ears (they don’t even have to match anything I’m wearing at the moment to make the cut)
6.       Migraine medication ( because the headache doesn’t care how busy my day is)
7.       My Iphone, not as much for calls than for emails, (and the notebook function that lets me jot notes for books as they come to me, as they do, all day long, plus the recorder function, for the same reason)
8.       Stamps (sometimes I carry them so long they expire and I need more, but I always have them)
9.       Sunglasses, big round ones like Jackie O my hubs hates (sorry hubs, I lurve them!)
10.   A small purse that goes around my shoulder.  I despise big purses that look more like a mine shaft, and those small ones with such a short strap they snug up into your armpit.



  1. And that's just the stuff from my purse. You don't WANT to know what a mom can carry in her pockets!