Friday, February 3, 2012

Ghostly Gets Some Love


Ghostly by Samantha Combs is a young adult paranormal romance.

Juice and her friends Sixx, Jett, and Creepshow have always been social misfits at school, but they had each other so they didn't care. Things are about to change. Juice sees a new boy, Shane, in class and she defiantly has his attention. They sat there talking until a jock from the football team arrived, sitting right on him and Shane disappeared! But, to make it even weirder, there is a message in her notebook saying he will explain it later. I mean poof and he was gone. To Sixx's credit, she believed Juice when she told her, but neither could believe it when Shane tells Juice he picked her out to help him find a new body. If that wasn't strange enough, Juice finds herself in the middle of three love interests, Shane, Creepshow, and someone new. For a girl who had few friends, to one all the boys were taking an interest, Juice has some big decisions to make, on top of helping Shane, if she can keep up with all the changes in her life.

The complications of a teenager's life are difficult enough without adding the stress of dealing with having a ghost as a friend. It was fascinating how Shane waited so long to find someone to help him, but his interest in Juice is much more personal. The complication of having boys, in plural, interested in Juice boggled her mind and the dilemma she found herself in is one that many girls understand and was very funny! When Creepshow divulged his feelings to Juice, the emotions and newfound love was beautiful to read. The unexpected ending brought tears to my eyes, while at the same time; I felt happiness and joy for the characters. I can't wait to read other books by Ms. Combs.

Reviewed by: Teresa

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