Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Changes, They Are A' Comin'

Even though this is the end of the year, I have so many changes afoot in my life, it doesn't feel like the end of anything; it feels more like a beginning.  Let me explain.

Just last night I finished the content edits for my next book, Everspell.  This will be the second book to the first, Spellbound.  If you read it, as my editor has, you will immediately understand that there HAS to be a book three.  And so, against all my preconceived notions on trilogys (you know I prefer writing standalones if you read my blog), I am committing to you, Fabulous Reader, to write a last and final chapter in the story of Logan and Serena.  I didn't even make the decision, either....they did.  There was more to their story and they would not get out of my head.  As many times as I would try and write a specific scene, I was guided (demanded, commanded, you choose) to write it differently.  So this is an apology of sorts to you, Fabulous Reader, as it was never MY intention to drag you along and keep you hanging.  But....I am.

Additionally, I am pleased to announce that I have contracted for my fourth published work.  This is another YA paranormal directed to the teen audience called Waterdancer.  The premise is a young girl discovering her absentee real father, once a talented surfer on the pro-circuit, is back to reveal to her that he is half-sea creature, and she may be too.  A story of self-discovery and acceptance, it has family drama and teen angst galore!  I am excited to publish this one because I feel I have grown so much in my writing and my style.  I am doubly excited because I was accepted for publication by my friends at Musa Publishing.  Once the driving force behind the now defunct Aspen Mountain Press, I am thrilled to call myself one of their authors.  They are changing the way the ebook business is handled and I can't wait to be along for that ride.  I now have the dubious distinction of being with, what I feel, are the two best publishers in the digital business, Astraea Press and Musa Publishing.  Look for Waterdancer late summer 2012, and Everspell in a month, in January.

The next big thing in my life can be viewed as a pretty cheesy photo on my facebook page.  Spellbound, already the winner of the Global Ebook Award for Speculative Fiction-Fantasy, is now available in print.  If you know what it feels like to get a contract, then holding your actual paperback in your hand is like that, times ten thousand.  Hence, the cheesy photo....I could NOT get the smile off my face.  I have gifted them and autographed them and the feeling is beyond words.  Ebooks are great for the ability to publish rapidly, since traditional books take so long, but having a paperback has sent me over the moon.

Lastly, there are changes in my personal life that will better my family situation and increase my ability to have more writing time.  I'll share more about this as it develops.  Rest assured, there are MANY more books left in me dying to burst onto the keyboard.  I love writing and I love writing for YOU.

I hope you had a great year (not many of us did) and lets look forward to a great 2012!


  1. Sounds like an exciting time for you right now. Best wishes.

  2. Yeah you! Can't wait for book three. I knew it was coming LOL.