Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today was the big day and it was completely awesome!  So many of my new friends and my family posted on facebook, offering me congratulations and telling me they bought the book of course.  I bought it too, for my computer and kindle.  The coolest thing was when I was able to pull myself up on Amazon.com and look myself up my my own name.  And my cousin said she bought the book by entering my nae right on her kindle....so cool!

I have no idea how many books sold or if it was many or few or what.  I don't know if there were any reviews yet or anything.  I know that the print version will only become available if the digital sales warrant it, so I am obviously hoping that happens.  I'll have to ask my author friends how to tell what your rankings are.  My friend Monique was able to tell hers, so I know there must be a way, I just don't know it.  I'll find out.  An inquisitive author will not be denied!

So, my Spellbound Release Party ended about three minutes ago and I am calling it a rousing success.  My author friends were all there to support me and I felt loved and happy all day long.  It's been an enlightening experience, this facebook thing.  I didn't want to do it, then I did, then I have been absolutely bowled over by the huge supportive community us writers really are.  We kind of rock, if you want to know the truth. :-)

Nothing much has changed for me since yesterday, except for one thing.  Yesterday, I couldn't say this: 

Hi.  My name is Samantha.  I write books and I'm a published author. (Cool!)

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