Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good News and Bad News

So, the bad news is my book release has been delayed for a week.  SPELLBOUND will likely be released a week from today.  I am awaiting the final edits from the last round I did, then I still need to go through the line-by-line edits with the last editor.  Actually, I don't consider that truly bad news since it is my job as an author to get the manuscript in the best possible condition it can be in before I release it.  And I know my editors and publisher has the same goal in mind.

The good news is a fellow author DID release today.  Her fabulous new book THE KEEPERS is available TODAY on Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook, but you should get it from our publisher's site, www.astraeapress.com.  Her name is Monique O'Connor James, and I am getting mine today.  You can also go to her website for more information about her:  www.moniqueoconnorjames.com.  Make sure you do it today!

And make sure you keep in touch with me for the release of SPELLBOUND in one week from today!

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