Tuesday, September 7, 2010


As this is my first post, I'll start with an introduction.  I am (currently, at least) an unpublished, but enthusiastically hopeful writer who is, at the moment, shopping both a YA paranormal thriller and a middle grade horror title.  The YA has the potential to be one of a two-book series, and the MG I envision as the first of a chapter book series.

This blog, then, is to be my chronicle of trying to A) get an agent and B) get published.  C) is also not to kill myself trying to accomplish A and B.

So far, the rejections have been kind, instructional, form-letters, after-thoughts or hardly worth mentioning.  My YA has been requested twice, once as a partial and once as a full.  Both passed.  My MG has been requested once as a partial.  Also a pass.  But with the most generous, most informational actual CRITIQUE that I almost couldn't believe my luck.  This has placed that particular agent at the TOP OF MY LIST of agents.  Plus, she asked to see my YA novel as well.  Which I am now lustily reworking to meet her standards before I submit.  She is now my DREAM AGENT.

I've read about a million blogs and posts regarding GETTING AN AGENT and I know it can be almost as difficult as writing the great american novel.  I think it should.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.  I also know tons of people have gone the self-publishing route and I think if it works for them, then great.  I still want an agent.  The same reason me choosing a restaurant over cooking at home isn't always about the food is the reason why I want one.  I want someone to bring the food to me and clean it up after.  And when its not right, or too hot or too cold, or I just don't like it, I want someone to fix it.  I want my agent to know when the food (read: contract) isn't just right and adjust the temperature, or send it back when it needs less spice, or more gravy or just deal with the cook (read: publisher) when I don't want to.  And I will tip them well for their trouble.

So, stay tuned, if you care to, and I will post with gusto (I hope) of the continuing saga of this girl with a dream.  Because no matter what else she does, Samantha Combs writes!

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